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Clinvet is a contract research organisation (CRO) established in 1999 and specializes in conducting laboratory and field-based clinical trials to evaluate the safety, metabolism and efficacy of veterinary health products. A group of affiliated companies enables Clinvet to provide a wide range of services in support of laboratory and clinical trials performed on veterinary health products. With a wealth of experience, Clinvet has for many years been able to support leading veterinary health pharmaceutical in ground-breaking research and development programs. Conducting pivotal trials required for the registration of health products worldwide also forms part of Clinvet’s portfolio.

Clinvet Services

Clinical trials and support

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We offer clinical trial conduct as well as the following support services for animal clinical field and laboratory studies:

  • Project management and monitoring
  • External laboratory selection and monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Protocol writing and Case Report Form (CRF) design
  • Electronic data base, design and validation (EDC/Paper)
  • Data management
  • Biostatistics and statistical programming
  • Report writing

Laboratory efficacy

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We offer parasitology efficacy studies as well as safety and metabolism studies for animal medicine. Test animals frequently used include rats, rabbits, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, cattle and horses. We offer the following studies:

• Proof of concept efficacy
• Dose determination and confirmation efficacy
• Parasite challenge efficacy
• Bioequivalence

Safety and metabolism studies

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• Pharmacokinetics: cats, dogs and cattle
• Residue depletion: sheep and cattle
• Target animal safety: cats, dogs, cattle and horses


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We maintain an extensive bank of parasites originating from the US, EU and South Africa for use in challenges on companion and production animal efficacy studies

We can offer efficacy studies on:

  • 12 species of ticks (16 different strains)
  • 2 species of fleas (5 different strains)
  • 12 species of helminths (17 different strains)
  • 3 fly species
  • 2 mosquito species
  • 4 mite species
  • 2 lice species
  • 6 haemoparasite species

Laboratory services

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•Serological (IFA and ELISA) and molecular (qPCR and PCR) diagnostic testing
•Specialised molecular assay development
•Animal genetic profiling, parentage and mutation screening
•Genomic analysis of parasites

In vitro testing

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• Artificial membrane feeding assay
• Glass vial contact assay

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